The trained participant being regarded as our ultimate product calls for adoption of a holistic approach to training and education.

Besides acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, the participants should feel motivated to bring about a positive change in their attitudes.

In order to achieve the objectives of each training programme, close attention is paid to all the aspects of a training programme at IMTC. These aspects are: 

Design and Development:
The course design groups, comprising a team of professionals, work closely with the end users, incorporating practical solutions where needed. Identified training gaps from discussions with target groups, guidelines from standard model courses etc all form the input necessary for designing the programmes. Practical sessions are integrated with theoretical discussion where possible to ensure a better understanding of concepts. 

Conduct of Programmes:
Learning requires an open mind, motivation, and a desire to participate and share. The highly experienced faculty  at IMTC, besides openly sharing their own knowledge and experience, are able to draw the best from the participants, thus creating a synergy in any training programme. Optimum number of participants and sufficient equipment/workstations allow each participant to work independently thus gaining confidence. An integral evaluation method or a test at the end of the programme helps in evaluating the knowledge/skill enhancement.

Feedback and Upgradation:
In a dynamic world, change is the only constant and so it is with the courses offered at IMTC. New knowledge, changing regulations, feedback from the participants, challenging queries from highly experienced peers etc. keep the course designers working continuously to upgrade courses and make them more contemporary. Feedback from participants after a period of returning to actual workplace is valued for identifying gaps in transfer of knowledge.