Structured shipboard training programme 

IMTC offers the Structured Shipboard Training Programme (SSTP) for Deck Cadets.
This unique "learn-while-you-work" training programme has been designed based on a study made by IMTC's faculty and feedback from managements of various companies, Masters, Company Training Officers (CTO) and cadets.

Many ship-owning and management companies have expressed the feeling that Ship’s Officers have sound theoretical knowledge but lack in practical experience. The present educational system shores up a cadet well for theoretical studies, right from pre-sea training through to competency examinations. The SSTP complements this with practical learning on board through a task-based curriculum, which enables effective application of theoretical knowledge.

The SSTP tasks are based on the Directorate General of Shipping (Govt. of India), approved Cadet Record Book (CRB) and are framed in such a way that the tasks have to be actually performed to answer the associated questions.

The SSTP complies with the requirements for onboard training programmes as laid down by STCW 95, Regulation II/1 and A-II/1, and is approved by the DGS. Upon successful completion of the SSTP, the cadet is entitled to a remission of 12 months of sea time.

Programme Objectives:

To assign tasks which stimulate thinking so that the cadet:

  • Acquires the skills required to be a good Officer by getting hands-on experience of various shipboard tasks
  • Develops confidence by acquiring the knowledge of the general principles and operating instructions of equipment on a ship
  • Develops basic instincts of good seamanship;
  • Gains a well-rounded perspective of all shipboard operations. Duration of the programme: The SSTP is spread over a seagoing period of 24 months. It comprises of 3 stages, working on the premise of 8 months of sea time per cadet per ship.


Suggested Target Group:

Deck Cadets who have completed their pre-sea training and modular courses. They also have to be employed by a shipping company and medically fit. The SSTP has been found to be a useful learning tool even for those not seeking a remission of sea time (e.g. deck cadets who have opted for completing the full 36 months and for seamen intending to appear for 2MFG examinations).


Programme Structure:

  • Programme ware includes the SSTP Questionnaire, Workbooks and Logs.
  • There are task-based and non-task-based assignments. The cadets are also issued the CRB and standard textbooks.
  • Textbooks, though prescribed, should not be the cadet's main choice for reference.
  • He is encouraged to source the answers from personal experience, manuals, drawings on board and from experts who visit the ship.
  • Monitoring of the cadet's progress is done through state-of-the-art customised software.





January 2016