Nautical and cargo courses

Ship manoeuvring simulator and bridge teamwork

Manoeuvring a ship is an art which when coupled with scientific principles leads to a complete mastery of the subject. Traditional education does not address the practical aspects of ship handling.

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Bridge team management

Despite having modern equipment on the bridge, accidents still occur. Poor Bridge Teamwork has often been cited as the main reason for these mishaps.

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Electronic chart display and information system

With the development of modern and faster ships and a need to run them more economically, by reducing manpower, the number of marine casualties has increased in the recent past.

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Practical deck skills workshop

In present times, with minimum manning on board vessels and hectic schedules, it is vital to optimize all resources available. A skilled member of the ship's staff, as a resource, is invaluable to the smooth running of the vessel.

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Pure car / truck carrier orientation course

Pure Car/Truck Carriers (PCTCs) carry expensive and delicate cargo, which requires special care during loading, carrying and discharging.

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Hazardous material carriage course

Increase awareness of dangers involved in carriage of dangerous goods and preventive measures that can be adopted for safeguarding the vessel and its crew in case of an eventuality

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Crowd management

Emergencies can occur on even the most modern passenger ship. Only a well-trained crew can mitigate the effects of such an emergency and take care of passengers through good organization.

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Corrosion protection and paint technology course

All vessels need to be well maintained, both technically and cosmetically.

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Marine environment protection training - Marpol / OPA 90

The world today is witnessing a rapid environmental degradation. In present times, with the alarming rise of marine pollution and its impact on the globe, the maritime industry has come under closer scrutiny.

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Ice Navigation

The emergence of new trading routes across ice-bound areas, coupled with global warming and advances in ship-building technology, has generated new opportunities for ship-owners and operators.

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