Programme in General Management for Shipping 

Shipping is a global business of great importance to international trade. Course dates: to be notified.

Management Development for the maritime sector 
Shipping and Ports play a vital role in facilitating international trade and thus have a major impact on global economic growth. They are essentially a service industry, which is characterized by heavy competition and boom-or -bust cycles. In such a business environment, the competitive advantage for any organization is its people. Sustained profitability, as indeed the very survival of any enterprise, may well rest on the competency of its managers and executives in managerial positions, who in the words of Peter Drucker, are "the dynamic li fe-giving element in e very organization."

The managerial capabilities of this cadre thus become a matter of paramount importance. The career progression of most executives, who are highly qualified and skilled functionally, takes them to positions of managerial responsibility, often without the advantage of formal management training. For those who have taken management education too, there exists the likelihood of acquiring a narrow focus to cope with hectic work schedules and meeting of deadlines, which can be detrimental to managerial effectiveness in the long run.

Management Development Programmes provide an opportunity for managers to enhance their managerial competencies. Sharpening of analytical skills, having a wider and more objective view of the working environment, and improved judgement and decision making are the 'take-aways' of such programmes. A high level of customization of this Programme for the maritime industry allows for the direct application of the learnings in the w orkplace.

These are the unique features of the Programme "General Management for Shipping", which makes it the ideal vehicle for management development in the maritime sect or.


The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, first offered this programme in 1994 with r esearch sponsorship from the Vasant J. Sheth Memorial Foundation. Subsequently, in the years 1999-2014, it offered the same in collaboration with the International Maritime Training Centre, Mumbai (part of the Wilh.Wilhelmsen group of Norway). This programme has received world -wide acclaim for its richness and quality of delivery. This is the 26th
offering of the Programme. Over 600 Managers and Executives from a wide cross-section of the maritime industry have benefited from the Programme since its inception.  

Objectives of the programme:

This Programme aims at providing to the participants  :

  • an understanding of the core General Management concepts and their application in an integrated manner in the mari time industry.
  • an enhancement of decision making skills by analyzing situations and developing a strategic


  • an opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the industry through an exposure to its different sectors and interaction with personnel from other shipping-related organizations. 

Contents of the Programme :

  • The Maritime Environment & Management: International Trade, Shipping and Ports.
  • People/Human Resource Management: Managing Performance; Conflict Resolution; Change Management; Negotiation; Leadership and Teamwork.
  • Financial Management: Financial Accounting; Investment Analysis; Financial Risk Management.
  • Information Technology Management: Business IT Alignment; Challenges in IT Implementation.
  • Supply Chain Management: Modal Choice; Container Terminals Logistics; Port Expansion;

    Logistics Management; Business Process Re-engineering; Vessel Fixtures; etc.

  • Marketing Management: Core Elements of Services Marketing; Marketing Strategy.
  • Managerial Communications: Business Presentations.
  • Strategic Management: Strategy; Strategic Decisions.



  • Sobhesh Agarwalla
  • Debjit Roy
  • Sanjay Verma
  • Deepti Bhatnagar
  • Capt.Y.Sharma(Faculty Co- Chair, Guest Faculty)
  • Neharika Vohra
    G. Raghuram (Faculty Co-Chair)
  • Sidharth Sinha

Who can attend this Programme?
 Personnel in the upper or middl e management cadre, ashore and afloat, working in:

  • Ship Owning and/or Operating Companies
  • Shipping Agencies/Freight Forwarding/CHA's
  • Ports and Maritime Infrastructure Firms
  • Banks and Ship Financing Institutions
  • Commercial Management Companies
  • Maritime Training Institutions
  • Ship Management and Manning Companies
  • Marine Insurance Companies
  • Regulatory Bodies/Classification Societies/Surveying Firms
  • Offshore Services
  • Chartering, Brokering, and Trading Companies
  • Shipyards and Ship Repair Firms
  • Consultancy Firms/IT Services to have an association with the maritime industry
  • Any other organizations having or intending to have an association with the maritime industry

Nominations and Inquiries:

Nominations should reach the Officer - Executive Education latest by February 15, 2016.

Organizational sponsorship is generally required but can be waived in case the participant is likely to gain significantly from the programme for personal improvement or greater job effectiveness.

All nominations are subject to review and approval by the programme faculty (usually after the last date for receiving nominations). A formal acceptance letter will be sent to selected nominees accordingly. Nominees are requested to make their travel plan only after receiving the acceptance letter.

For nomination forms and more information, please contact:
Mr. Rahul Gupta, Programme Coordinator
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015
Phone: +91-79-6632 4464/4072-78, 4081 Fax: +91-79-2630 0352 (Executive Education)/2630 6896 (General)
E-mail: Website:
If you have any additional queries regarding programme design or participation, please contact:
Prof. G. Raghuram, Faculty Co-Chair, E-mail:
Capt. Y. Sharma, Faculty Co-Chair, E-mail:

Venue and Accommodation:

The programme will be held at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Participants get full board and air-conditioned single room accommodation on the Institute campus.

IIMA norms do not allow anyone to stay with the participants during the programme.

Programme Fee and Payment:

Rs.105,000 (+14.50% Service Tax) per person for participants from India and equivalent US Dollars for participants from other countries. The fee includes tuition fees, programme materials, board and lodging. 

Group Discount:

  • Any organization sponsoring three or four participants to a programme will be entitled to a discount of 7% on the programme fee payable.
  • Any organization sponsoring five or more participants to a programme will be entitled to a discount of 10% on the programme fee payable.
  • Any organization sponsoring 25 or more participants across all the programmes in one academic year will be entitled to a discount of overall 15% on the programme fee payable.


The above discounts will be applicable only when the requisite numbers of participants actually attend the programmes.

The programme fee should be received at the Executive Education Office latest by February 15, 2016. In case of cancellations, the fee will be refunded only if a request is received at least 15 days prior to the start of the programme. If a nomination is not accepted, the fee will be refunded to the person / organization concerned.


The programme fee can be paid in one of these three ways:

A. Electronic Fund Transfer:


1.Name of Beneficiary: Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
2. For credit to Savings Bank A/c No. 9369EEP, YES Bank Limited, C. G. Road Branch, Ahmedabad
3. Name of Remitter:_____________(Please mention the name of the sponsori ng organization)
4. Purpose of Remittance: Programme on General Management for Shipping
5. IIMA Permanent Account Number (PAN): AAATI1247F
6. IIMA Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN): AHMI00189A
7. IIMA Service Tax Registration Number: AAATI1247FST001
After making the pa yment, please e-mail us the complete transaction details immediately so that we can connect your remittance to your nomination.

B. Payment Gateway:

Please vi sit IIMA w ebsite (w for more information.

C. Demand draft/cheque payable at par at Ahmedabad

The cheque/draft should be in favour of “Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad” and sent directly to Executive Education Office address through courier or speed post.

Alumni Association

Please note that participants who are attending short-duration Executive Education Programmes for the first time, on or after April 1, 2012, will have to attend a total of 21 days in one or more programmes to be eligible for alumni status and alumni identity card, both of which wil l be awarded on payment of one-time alumni fee of Rs.10,000.


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