Programme in General Management for Shipping 

Shipping is a global business of great importance to international trade. Course dates: to be notified.

Management Development for the maritime sector
Shipping plays a vital role in facilitating international trade and thus has a major impact on global economic growth. Yet, shipping remains essentially a service industry, which is characterized by heavy competition and boom-or-bust cycles. In such a business environment, the competitive advantage for any organization is its workforce. Sustained profitability, as indeed the very survival of a Company, well rests on the competency of its Managers.

The capabilities of the managerial cadre thus become a matter of paramount importance. Management positions are often held by persons highly qualified and skilled functionally, but they may or may not have the advantage of formal management exposure. There also is the scope of acquiring a sharpened focus to cope with hectic work schedules and meeting of deadlines, which can boost managerial effectiveness in the long run.

Management Development Programmes (MDPs) provide an opportunity for Managers to enhance their managerial competencies. Sharpening of analytical skills, having a wider and more objective view of the working environment, and improved judgement and decision-making are the ‘take-aways’ of these programmes. A high level of customization of an MDP for the maritime industry allows direct application of the learning.

These are the unique features of the Programme “General Management for Shipping”, which makes it an ideal vehicle for management development in the maritime sector.


The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, one of the world's best B-schools, and International Maritime Training Centre, a leading   provider of top-end maritime training, have been collaborating since 1999 to bring management training to the maritime sector. IIMA and IMTC share a common philosophy of marrying concepts with practice, and their Programme “General Management of Shipping” has received world-wide acclaim for its richness of content and quality of delivery. This is their 13th offering of the Programme ; around 500 senior managers and executives from a wide cross-section of the maritime industry have benefited from the Programme since its inception.

Over 600 Managers from a wide cross-section of the maritime industry have benefited from the programme which has been continuously offered at least once a year since 1993.  

Objectives of the programme:

This Programme aims at providing to the participants  :

  • To develop an understanding of the core general management concepts and their application in an integrated manner in the maritime industry.
  • To enhance decision making skills by analyzing situations and developing a strategic perspective.
  • An opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the industry through an exposure to its different sectors and interaction with personnel from other shipping-related organizations. 

Contents of the Programme :

  • The Shipping Environment & Management.
  • People / Human Resource Management: Managing Performance, Conflict resolution, Change management, Negotation, Leadership and Teamwork.
  • Finance Management: Financial Accounting,  Investment  Analysis, Financial Risk Management.
  • Knowledge Management: Role of IT in Shipping, Management Information Systems.
  • Operations Management: Managing Projects, Process improvement, Vessel Fixtures, etc.
  • Logistics Management: Understanding the customer's supply chain and the role of shipping and Ports.
  • Marketing Management: Core Elements of services Marketing, Marketing Strategy.
  • Managerial Communications: Business presentations, Public Address.
  • Strategic Management: Competitive Strategy, Business Policy.
  • Stress Management and Personal Development

Who can attend this Programme?
Personnel in the upper or middle management cadre, ashore & afloat,  working in :

  • Ship Owning and/or Operating Companies
  • Shipping Agencies / Freight Forwarding / CHA's
  • Banks and Ship Financing Institutions
  • Regulatory Bodies / Classification Societies / Surveying Firms
  • Chartering and Brokering Companies
  • Marine Insurance Companies
  • Ship Management & Manning Companies
  • Maritime Training Institutions
  • Commercial Management Companies
  • Ports and Maritime Infrastructure Firms
  • Offshore Services
  • Shipyards and Ship Repair Firms
  • Consultancy Firms / IT services
  • Exporters/Importers
  • Any other organizations having or intending to have an association with the maritime industry

Programme Faculty: Programme faculty will be from IMU, IMTC, IIMA and industry.


Program Fee & Nominations:

The Programme tution fee for Indian residents is Rs./-, (plus Service Tax as applicable). Additionally, Rs. /- is payable towards logistics costs on single occupancy basis (Rs. /- if double occupancy is opted for). For foreigners and NRI's, the consolidated fee is USD /- on single occupancy basis (USD /-  if double occupany is opted for).  Transport from IMTC to the venue and back is complimentary.

Nominations must reach Mr. Vijay Gaitonde at IMTC (email: as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Payment of the programme fee & logistics costs should be made immediately after intimation of acceptance of nominations by the Programme Co-ordinators. The Payment should be made by Demand Draft (or Local Cheque) in favor of  "International Maritime Training Centre" , payable in Mumbai . Nominations can also be faxed on +91-022-25705547. 

The last date for nominations or cancellations is: February 2014 


Programme schedule, venue and accomodation 

The progamme will usually commence at 1400 Hrs on Sunday, and end at 1300 Hrs on the following Sunday (1 week). The curriculum of the programme necessitates that it be fully residential, as sessions will go on till late evenings. The venue will be Modi's Resort, Karjat, which is nestled amidst foothills of the Khandala ghats, and provides a calm and peaceful environment conducive to learning. Accommodation will be provided on single/double occupancy basis (as requested) in well-appointed A/C rooms. The driving distance from Mumbai to the Resort is around 90 Kms (two hours). For the convenience of the participants, a Bus will be leaving from the IMTC premises ('SIGMA', Hiranandani Gardens, Powai) for the Resort. Those wishing to travel on their own may please contact IMTC for directions.





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