Management courses

Programme in General Management for Shipping

Shipping is a global business of great importance to international trade. Course dates: to be notified.

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Bridge and engine-room resource management course

The Maritime industry has been aware that 'Human Error' is the major factor in maritime accidents and appreciates the need for 'Resource Management' training for improving safety and efficiency on board.

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Bridge and engine-room resource management course Refresher

Refresher for bridge and engine-room resource management course

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Commercial aspects of ship operation

Shipping is a business and the 'management team' on board plays a pivotal part in making it profitable.

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Shipboard environmental management systems incorporating ISO 14001

Though shipping is one of the most efficient and environmentally benign modes of transport, a small number of shipping accidents have tarnished this image.

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Training for onboard trainers

On-board training for seafarers is a vital component of competency development necessary for superior performance.

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Marine environment protection training - Marpol / OPA 90

The world today is witnessing a rapid environmental degradation. In present times, with the alarming rise of marine pollution and its impact on the globe, the maritime industry has come under closer scrutiny.

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Strategic Port Management for Senior Management

Course Dates: to be notified. Ports have a key role in facilitating trade, playing a critical interface between marine and land based transportation.

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Risk Management and Incident Investigation Course

In a hazardous work environment, management of operational risks is an absolute necessity for preventing accidents and incidents.

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Safety management systems course

Effective implementation of the Company’s Safety Management System on board is at the core of ISM Code compliance.

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Shipboard safety officer course

Safety on board ships has come a long way in reducing accidents, but there is still a lot of scope to improve safety.

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Tanker Vetting Course

The importance of the energy sector on the world economy is evident from the impact of variations in oil prices.

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