Information technology courses

Integrated shipping management solutions (isms)

ISMS, offers full compliance with the document control elements of the ISM code by providing a fully integrated office/ship interface for the distribution, review and storing of information.

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STAR - information & planning system (IPS) / AMOS

Star IPS is a computer-based system for Planning & Reporting Maintenance, and performing Material Administration & Stock Purchasing.

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BASSnet Course

A computer-based system for planning and reporting maintenance, performing material administration and stock purchasing.  BASSnet is an efficient system for reporting operation deviation/p>

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DocMap is a web based documentation tool for Ship Management specializes for shipboard governing documentation.  It offers full compliance with rules and regulations requirement by shipping i/p>

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Computer hardware, network maintenance & troubleshooting

Personal computers have become an integral part of the day-to-day operations of the shipping industry.  Computers are used on vessels for enhancing performance of various shipboard technical /p>

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SAFIR - safety and improvement reporting system

Safety and Improvement Reporting System (SAFIR) is a user-friendly computer-based system for recording, storing, analyzing and experience transfer of all details in connection with maritime events.

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BASS Easylnfo is a process/activity driven vessel operations and information management system, which enables a fixed amount of human resources to manage more vessels by working smarter with intelligent applications and communication.

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Other Planned Maintenance System Courses


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