DocMap is a web based documentation tool for Ship Management specializes for shipboard governing documentation.

It offers full compliance with rules and regulations requirement by shipping industry or any other international / national regulatory bodes.  All company Manuals, Instructions, Bulletins within the quality system are maintained and updated within DocMap.  The revision control element of QA documents effected seamlessly and quickly with electronic updates being automatically input into all vessel and office system simultaneously.  The Governing document module contributes to whole organization as electronic tool to create, distribute and maintain its governing documents.

The main objective of the observation modules to spread the best practices to prevent incidents / accidents.  User can report a new observation concerning any accident, experience transfer, near accidenpt, non conformity and suggestion for improvement.  This module is not only for reporting purposes, but it's a fastest and easiest way of communication between ship and several parties on shore as well for any event concerning safety of life, property and environment so that it can be corrected and prevented by using corretive a d preventive action tool in DocMap.

Course Objective:

Upon completion of the course, participant should be able to:

  • Understand DocMap module and structure
  • Navigate in Governing Documents
  • Explore search engine to find relevant information
  • Perform role specific task using available tools incorporated in DocMap
  • Comment  on quality system
  • Subscribe the quality documents, procedures etc.
  • Report a new observation concerning any accident, experience transfer, near accident, nion conformity and suggestion for improvement
  • Understand the workflow of observation within organization
  • Synchronize data with the head office


Duration:  1 day


Suggested target group :   

All Management & Operational level officers serving on board, where the system is being implemented.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to DocMap - To spread awareness of company's SMS in compliance with ISM code
  • Browsing in company's QA documents & industry publications
  • How to use search engine
  • Commenting / subscribing on QA documents
  • Reporting observations and workflow
  • System tools - synchronization of data 





February 2016