Oil discharge monitoring and control system course 

The world today is witnessing a rapid environmental degradation. In present times, with the alarming rise of marine pollution and its impact on the globe, the maritime industry has come under closer scrutiny.

Each pollution incident brings about harsher regulatory requirements to comply with. As responsible professionals, every seafarer needs to rise to the occasion to prevent and mitigate incidents.

The course is designed to help the community of seafarers to be updated with the latest regulatory demands of MEPC 108(49). It lays emphasis on the correct methods to configure, operate and respond to alarm conditions. The use of VAF Instruments OILCON Mark 6M equipment, which meets the new Guidelines and specifications for the Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control System for tankers as per MEPC 108(49), enhances a hands-on learning.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to

  • Understand and be updated with the regulatory requirements of MEPC 108(49) “Guidelines and specifications for the Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control System for tankers”
  • Understand the layout, design and principle of operation of the ODME equipment components.
  • Be able to carry out system configuration of the ODME.
  • Be able to efficiently operate the equipment.
  • Be familiar with the alarms and analyze the corrective action to be taken by following the fault-finding guide.
  • Understand the general maintenance needs of the equipment as specified by the manufacturer.


Duration: 1 day

Suggested Target Group:

Deck, Engineer & Electrical Officers all ranks

Course Contents:

  • MEPC 108(49))
  • Layout, design features and principle of operation
  • Practical on VAF OILCON MARK 6M ODME
  • Configuration of the system
  • Operation of the ODME
  • Alarms & Fault finding
Maintenance needs





September 2014













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