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IMTC - IIMA Management Course 

10.10.2005 (IMTC )
Industry demand leads to 2 Programmes in a Year

The Shipping Industry has been somewhat slow in accepting the need of management training for executives - ashore or afloat. In many cases, the executives are handling management positions on the strength of their functional knowledge or work experience alone.
The recently concluded 9th Programme in General Management for Shipping offered under the IIMA-IMTC collaboration has been instrumental in bridging the training gap. The awareness and the need of such a programme have been recognized in the Industry, and the Programme in now running to capacity. This programme attempts to provide the opportunity for managers to develop their managerial skills. Being customized for the maritime sector, the programme brings more value than regular management education.

The participant's response at the end of each Programme has been overwhelming. Indeed it is the main motivator for carrying the Programme forward. The programme is about management concepts, and since it is conducted in the background of shipping, there can be some new learning (about shipping) by default, but the main focus is management skills. 
One of the critical success factors of good management is to have a broad perspective, and be able to analyse any situation from the stakeholders' points of view. Since the Programme is extremely interactive, a good mix of participants from various sectors of the Industry helps in the appreciation of differing points of view. Very often we hear the comment "I never thought of it that way!" is heard from the participants. It shows the value of a heterogeneous mix. The added value is that participants get exposure to the workings of other areas through their interaction.

It is hoped that the training from the programme is immediately applied in the workplace, and would lead to improved managerial performance allround. The next programme is scheduled in February' 2006. 

Comments from Participants

"An eye opener for Management concepts, and a platform for career growth"
Mr. N. Venkateswaran, Maritime Consultant,
Shell Ship Management Ltd., London.

"The Programme has provided insight into management which are very relevant to today's Global Environment.
It will definitely go a long way in adding value to Managers in their various skills in the Marine World."
Capt. Rajen Sachar, Head Operations (Tankers),
Essar Shipping Ltd., Mumbai.

"It is a very well thought, well-planned and well organized course. Effective in fulfilling its purpose and efficient in the aspect of time management."
Capt. Rajesh R Khanna, Master Mariner,
Varun Shipping.

"Thank You for all. I am going out much wiser."
Mr. Anil Kaprekar, Head-Corporate Affairs,
Gateway Terminals India Pvt. Ltd.

"A great effort! The programme has been very meticulously designed. Enjoyed & am carrying a handbag of learning’s."
Mr. Apoorv Gupta, Branch Manager (New Delhi),

"The programme is organized in a very efficient manner."
Capt. Manoj Kumar Deb, HOD (E & A),
Indian Institute of Port Management.

"Discussing / Analyzing Case Studies was a good learning experience for me.
Very well organized & conducted on a whole. Got insight into various players in Shipping Industry."
Capt. Silvio Coutinho Master Mariner,
Great Circle Shipping Agency Ltd., Bangkok.

"One of the best trainings I ever attended.
The faculties were very good, overall a good learning experience & very, very useful."
Mr. Belliappa M.A., Sales Manager,
Barwill Dubai LLC.