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    • 1600 x 900 turkish straits

      The Turkish Straits

      29 Mar'17: Estimated vessel passage delays at the Turkish Straits. All tanker vessels above 200 m LOA will experience 2-3 days delay for transiting the Dardanelles Strait and 1-2 days delay for passing through the Bosphorus Strait. Furthermore, dry bulk vessels above 250 m LOA will suffer 24 hours transit delay at the Turkish Straits. Dry bulk vessels below 250 m LOA may expect 12 hours delay. Transit delays are caused by the recent traffic suspensions due to rough weather combined with strong vessel congestion. For more information: WSS Istanbul office at (+90) 216 681 3300
    • 1600 x 900 Parana River 3

      Paraná River, Argentina

      29 Mar'17: The water levels have decreased compared to last week on Paran√° River. Expected water depth at Argentinian locations this week: San Pedro 188 cm, Ramallo 230 cm, San Nicolas 262 cm, Villa Constitucion 301 cm, Rosario 339 cm, San Martin 376 cm, Diamante 374 cm, Santa Fe 354 cm, Corrientes 337 cm and Iguazu 1280 cm. For the coming week the levels are expected to further decrease slightly (5 centimeters). For more information: WSS Argentina office at (+56) 32 229 2800
    • 1600 x 900 dry bulk

      Tubarao, Brazil

      29 Mar'17: Iron ore pier no.2 will be out of service from 3 April until 18 April at the Port of Tubarao due to scheduled maintenance. No port operations or vessel maneuvers will be possible during this period. Currently, there are no further maintenance works scheduled for April at iron ore piers no.1 North, no.1 South and fertilizer berth TPD4 at the Tubarao port. Expect berthing delays up to 10 days for all vessels handling iron ore shipments at the Brazilian port. For more information: WSS Vitoria office at (+55) 27 3225 3616
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    1600 X 900 china flag

    Chinese ports: Latest Zika virus requirements

    Intending to discharge cargo at Chinese port? Be prepared for the latest Zika spread prevention regulations and fumigation fees at your port of destination with these in-depth requirements guidelines.
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    • 1600 x 900 strike india

      Indian Ports

      28 Mar'17: Possible strike actions in India. Six port worker federations of major ports in India are threatening to go on strike from 19 April, if the Union Government will not accept their demands. The unions are intending to protest against too many provisions of the Major Ports Authority Bill introduced in Parliament and they want certain amendments incorporated in the bill. Furthermore, the six federations have decided to launch a campaign against the bill in the ports and also to make the general public aware of its harmful effects. For more information: WSS Kandla office at (+91) 2836 231 158
    • 1600 x 900 Singapore 2

      Singapore, Singapore

      28 Mar'17: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has issued official warning to mariners operating off North of Pulau Semakau. The experiment and deployment of acoustic array will be carried out between 0900 hrs and 1700 hrs LT daily between 29 and 31 March and between 3 and 4 April 2017. A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other crafts about the work. All vessels are advised to keep well clear of the working areas and to navigate with caution. For more information: WSS Singapore office at (+65) 6395 4545
    • 1600 x 900 iron ore terminal

      Chinese Ports

      28 Mar'17: Berthing delays for main iron ore ports in China: Lianyungang 5-7 days with 8 vessels waiting; Bayuquan, Lanshan, Taicang, Xiamen 3-4 days with 3-6 vessels waiting; Tianjin, Rizhao, Huangpu, Zhanjiang, Fangcheng 2-3 days with 1-4 vessels waiting; Jingtang, Caofeidian, Qingdao, Nantong, Beilun, Zhaoushan and Kemen 1-2 days with 2-4 vessels waiting. There are no berthing delays at Dalian and Shanghai ports for iron ore shipments. All the ports are currently operational with no closures pending. For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888
  • News, Published: (Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA)

    Staying at the forefront of regulations

    Major environmental regulations dealing with air pollution, greenhouse gases and invasive marine species will come into effect this decade, aiming at reducing the environmental impact of shipping. Their scope will include international, regional, country and state level regulations. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of environmental regulations, both those already implemented and those expected.
    • 1600 x 900 draft marks 4

      Mundra, India

      27 Mar'17: Revised maximum permissible draft at the Port of Mundra. The Port Authorities announced draft restriction decrease from 13,50 m to 13,20 m at berth no.2, from 13,30 m to 12,90 m at berth no.3, from 17,20 m to 16,90 m at berth no.6, from 14,50 m to 14,10 m at berth no.10 and from 13,90 m to 13,80 m at berth no. 12, based on latest soundings. Revised draft will affect steel and liquid cargoes, handled at the subject berths. Currently, there are no berthing delays at Mundra port. For more information: WSS Kandla office at (+91) 2836 231 158

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