Pure car / truck carrier orientation course

Pure Car/Truck Carriers (PCTCs) carry expensive and delicate cargo, which requires special care during loading, carrying and discharging.
Course, Last updated: (International Maritime Training Centre)

The special construction and manoeuvring characteristics of these ships make their handling rather difficult and complicated especially while berthing and unberthing.

Course Objective:

  • The course is designed to greatly enhance operational safety on board Car/Truck Carriers. While it helps a first time joiner to acquire the knowledge necessary for safe and efficient operation of the vessel, it fills the existing gaps in the knowledge of a person who has some sailing experience on such ships. The course also fosters learning through sharing of experiences amongst participants.

Duration: 2 days 

Suggested Target Group: All Deck Officers who have served or intend to serve on Car/Truck Carriers

Course Contents:

  • Fundamentals of construction of Car Carriers
  • Cargo Work
  • Cargo/Deck Equipment
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Ship Handling & Manoeuvring
  • Berthing / Mooring
  • Case Studies & Group Discussions

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