safety and improvement reporting system

Safety and Improvement Reporting System (SAFIR) is a user-friendly computer-based system for recording, storing, analyzing and experience transfer of all details in connection with maritime events.
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All accidents, near-accidents, non-conformities, customer remarks, inspections/audits and suggestions for improvement can be easily reported with event, cause and consequence details. Developed to help ship owners meet the requirements of Section 9 of the ISM Code and ISO 9000, SAFIR is a powerful tool to improve safety and quality management, identify why and how incidents occur on board and learn from them.

Course Objectives: On successful completion of this course a participants shall be able to

  • Work independently in their ship board tasks of reporting safety information using SAFIR as a Management tool.
  • Gain skill and Experience through transfer of knowledge.
  • Improve on the Processes on Safety and Quality Management.

Duration: 2 days

Suggest Target Group: All Management & Operational level officers serving on board, where the system is implemented

Course Contents:

  • Benefits & Aims of SAFIR.
  • Database Creation - Creating reports related to non-conformities, near-accidents & accidents.
  • Report Analysis & follow up.
  • Experience and Knowledge Transfer Management.
  • Understanding of statistics module to document and trace safety& quality  non-conformities, near-accidents, accidents and associated costs.
  • Understanding of Insurance module to enable better risk management and loss prevention.
  • BASS Replicator transfer of information to/from office,
  • System Administration - System settings and Code Structure.

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