Integrated shipping management solutions (isms)

ISMS, offers full compliance with the document control elements of the ISM code by providing a fully integrated office/ship interface for the distribution, review and storing of information.
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The system incorporates an electronic filing system common to all ships and the office. Selected forms, documents and checklists, are electronically completed, distributed and automatically filed. All of the company manuals, instructions, letters and bulletins within the quality system are maintained and updated within ISMS.

Changes to the company's quality system are effected seamlessly and quickly with electronic updates being automatically input into all vessel and office systems simultaneously.

Course Delivery:

Delivery of the course is structured in such a way that the Instructor will give brief Explanation of each module of the ISMS prior to actual demonstration / navigation through the module in detail. Hands-on training in the form of exercises devised for each module. Using existing practices for utilizing the system in best possible way for smooth transition to new concept is emphasized. Handouts are devised as exact solution for day-to-day activities on board a ship.

Course Objective:

  • To create an understanding and acceptance of task based Information management System, which is the first step towards effective implementation of ISMS onboard.
  • To spread awareness of company's SMS in compliance with ISM Code.
  • To perform role specific task efficiently by using available tools incorporated in ISMS and introduce participant to Knowledge Management System by way of integrated Company Manuals and/or Industry publications. 

Duration : 2 days

Suggested Target Group: All Management & operational level officers Serving on board, where the system is being implemented

 Course Contents:

  • User Manager-User Creation & Access rights.
  • Manual Viewer -Introduction to an Integrated Knowledge Management.
  • Document Manager -Electronic Filing system for Archives.
  • Task Assistant -Task based Information Management System.
  • Communications Manager & Mailbox Administration.
  • Voyage manager, System Manager & Settings.
  • Configuration of LAN setup & Mapping of ISMS drive.

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