Electro technical officer bridging course

The Electro Technical Officer (ETO) Bridging Course is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping and is of 3 weeks duration. It is aimed at preparing sailing Electrical Officers to appear for the ETO Certificate of Competency examination conducted by the MMD.
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It is aimed at preparing sailing Electrical Officers to appear for the ETO Certificate of Competency examination conducted by the MMD. This course is mandatory in order to obtain eligibility to appear for the COC exam. The ETO Bridging Course will also help to further enhance the knowledge & skills of Electrical Officers to manage advanced automation on new generation vessels.

Course Objective:
The objective of the course is to Impart practical as well as theoretical training and to prepare the Electrical Officers to carry out the duties and responsibilities of an ETO. Prepare the Electrical Officers to comply with the competencies specified for ETO in the STCW Code Section A-III/6. Prepare the Electrical Officers to manage the new technology in Electronic and Automation systems on modern vessels. Foster learning through sharing of experiences amongst participants.

Duration: 3 weeks 

Suggested Target Group: Sailing Electrical Officers

Course Contents:

  • Hazards and Associated Electrical Safety requirements
  • Three Phase Systems in Marine applications
  • Measuring Instruments: Working and Maintenance
  • Ship’s Power Generation and Distribution
  • Alternator Working & Maintenance
  • Working Principles of Three Phase Induction Motors & Maintenance
  • High Voltage Power System & Regulations
  • Shipboard High Voltage applications
  • Ex. equipment and regulations regarding their uses
  • Diodes, Transistors and their Shipboard application
  • Characteristics of Thyristors and Shipboard application
  • Soft Starter and Variable Frequency Drive
  • JFET and application as Amplifier
  • Navigational Equipment
  • Programmable Logic Controller and Practical Shipboard applications
  • Control Engineering and Sensing devices
  • P-I-D controllers and Shipboard application
  • Boiler control system
  • Flow measurement
  • HART based Smart Transmitters and SIPART Valve Positioners
  • Transducers and Sensors
  • Viscotherm and Viscosity Control System
  • Computers and Network Troubleshooting
  • Team work, Communication, Effective Leadership and Time Management

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