WSS signs Safety Service Fleet Agreement with Wilson Ship Management

Against the backdrop of last week’s Nor-Shipping event in Oslo, Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) announced the finalisation of a five-year Safety Service Fleet Agreement with Wilson Ship Management.
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Wilson Ship Management has been testing WSS’s new Safety Service Concept over the last 12 months and took the opportunity during Nor-Shipping to formalise the agreement.

Heine Olsen, Fleet Manager at Wilson Ship Management said;

“In today’s market, we are continually looking for ways in which we can keep costs under control. The agreement with WSS will allow us to manage costs and at the same time provides a level of predictability in service levels that will ultimately enable us to operate more efficiently.”

The contract with Norwegian-based Wilson Ship Management is the first of its kind for WSS, and demonstrates its commitment to the delivery of a new generation of Safety Service agreements for the industry. 

Account manager at WSS, Glenn Frederiksen, said:

“This agreement is a result of successful team work between ourselves and Wilson Ship Management. We are very proud that Wilson Ship Management has looked to WSS as a partner for the future and pleased that we can now provide them with a specialised safety solution.”

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