XFlow water mist system

The Unitor XFlow® water mist system gives you the opportunity to integrate local and full fire protection in a single system. The solution can be applied as a total flooding system, local application fire fighting system and for accommodation areas.

Full protection water mist

The Unitor water mist system provides reliable fire protection based on the newest technology and gives you a number of advantages:

  • Quick release

The system can be released immediately without evacuation as it is harmless to crew and machinery. This reduce the risk of damaging surrounding equipment.

  • Compact design

The Unitor water mist system uses water from the vessel’s fresh water tank, with a backup connection for seawater. No dedicated storage space is required, increasing the overall productive space available on your vessel.

  • Low water consumption

The XFlow water mist nozzle has fire suppression and water distribution capabilities similar to those of high pressure systems. It uses a dry pipe system with minimal water consumption which means low power demand, and minimal water damage and clean-up cost.

  • Higher safety level

The XFlow nozzle soaks the affected area(s) with a penetrating mist that extinguishes the fire quickly. In addition, the system uses fresh water with the fire mains as back up for safe return to port, in accordance with low pressure requirements.

  • Standard components

The Unitor water mist system uses a water mist nozzle with low working pressure and low water flow. The pipe system components such as fittings and valves are standard components, keeping installation and maintenance costs low.

Alternative systems

  • Unitor 1230  fog

    1230 clean agent system

    The Unitor 1230 system has been industralised and adjusted for the offshore and maritime industry based on the Novec 1230 system. It is designed as a total flooding system for machinery spaces, pump rooms, compressor rooms and control rooms. The solution is particulary suited for rooms with sensitive equipment and vessels where space is limited.

  • Inergen in engine room1600X900

    Inergen system

    The Unitor Inergen® system is a fire extinguishing solution for enclosed spaces. Inergen® is a clean agent consisting of only atmospheric gases and can be applied on merchant marine and offshore structures.

  • co2bottles1600x900

    CO₂ system

    The Unitor CO₂ system is a total flooding system designed to suppress fires in machinery spaces of Category A, engine rooms, pump rooms and cargo holds. It has been supplied to hundreds of vessels and offshore installations worldwide.

  • High foam man in foam1600x900

    Fixed high expansion foam system

    The Unitor high expansion foam fire extinguishing system (Unitor high foam system) uses foam consisting of a synthetic foam concentrate, water and air, which is highly effective for machinery space applications. The system is designed as total flooding system for machinery spaces of Category A, cargo pump rooms and other enclosed spaces onboard vessels and offshore installations.

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