Dry chemical powder system

The Unitor dry chemical powder fire extinguishing system (Unitor DCP system) is designed for use on “B” and “C” class fires. The system uses dry powder which breaks down the chemical reaction within the fire and subsequently suppresses the flames almost immediately?

Key features

  • Proven time release and capacity capabilities
  • A wide range of pressure vessels for powder are available to meet the demands for various system sizes
  • Can be deployed by hand held hoses, fixed monitors, or a combination of both
  • Up to 190 meter pipe and 33 meter hose for handheld pistol
  • Up to 140 meter pipe for monitor
  • Tested in minus 28 °C in long pipes
  • Provides complete coverage to all the areas that need protection
  • Powder penetrates into the smallest and even partially covered locations
  • Can be installed as a central-, modular- or hybrid system

A cost effective solution

  • Designed to keep material and installation costs low
  • Standardised system components minimise maintenance and operational cost
  • Modular units provide a flexible solution, reduce piping routes and eliminate the need for distribution piping
  • Components can be installed on skid for reduced installation time and cost