Deck foam system

The Unitor Low Expansion Foam fire extinguishing system (Unitor Low Foam system) uses a non-toxic foam concentrate, water and air to effectively extinguish fires in open spaces. The system provides safe and effective protection, and is harmless to the crew and environment.

Key features

  • Monitors, portable applicators and foam spray nozzles can be used individually or in conjunction to build an effective foam fire fighting system that will quickly and effectively extinguish a fire. Effectively blankets fire and prevents further outbreak using non-toxic low expansion foam
  • A balanced pressure proportioner guarantees reliable foam mixing
  • Sturdy and compact foam monitors use jet or fog mode
  • Fixed monitors are used to fight fire from a predetermined safe distance, while portable applicators and nozzles cover shadow areas not reachable by the monitors
  • The monitors are adjustable and can be used in jet or fog mode and operated manually or remote hydraulically.

A cost effective solution

  • Low installation and operational cost
  • Designed for optimal system performance
  • Components delivered on modular units reduces installation cost
  • Minimal and easy maintenance keeps operational cost low

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