Mobile water monitor and water mist lance

The Unitor XFlow® mobile water monitor and water mist lance are designed to protect ships carrying containers on or above weather deck.

Both products are type approved according to IMO regulations under SOLAS II-2/10.7.3 and the mobile monitor is tested and approved to meet the SOLAS regulations IMO MSC.1/ Circ. 1472.

Key features monitor

  • With nominal nozzle pressure of 4 bar, the throwing distance is 40 m and the monitor can protect up to 10 tiers of containers, and even more at higher pressure
  • Easy to carry and can be quickly assembled and operated by one crew member
  • Only one waterway connection for fast response time from alarm to operate
  • Hydrant adaptors are available
  • Dual purpose nozzle for spray and jet functionality
  • Easy elevation feature to ensure precise and efficient fire fighting
  • Developed with large bores to avoid clogging
  • No moving parts in the nozzle
  • Ability of unattended operation

Key features lance

  • The lance and its equipment comes in a practical tool case for easy storage and use
  • Equipped with a drill to penetrate the container wall quickly and safely
  • Can be operated by one crew member
  • Fitted with an extension to protect the operator from the hot surface
  • The water spray is discharged both vertically to protect crew from the heat, and horizontally to suppress the fire
  • Developed with a holder that enables it to be left unattended in operation

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