Maritime Protection inert gas solutions

Inert gas systems produce and distributes inert gas based on combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. Combustion generated inert gas provides the lowest cost generators possible.

Inert gas is a gas or a mixture of gases containing insufficient oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons and is used to prevent explosions and fires occurring onboard ships carrying crude oil, hydrocarbon gases or refined oil products. We offer a wide range of combustion inert gas systems designed for the demanding conditions of shipboard operations.

Our inert gas systems

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    Inert gas generator solutions

    Vessels carrying cargos that produce hydrocarbon vapors require an inerting solution to eliminate the risk of explosions and fires in the cargo tanks. This can be achieved by keeping the oxygen content below 8%,a standard set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

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    Nitrogen system

    The system is designed to protect transportation of flammable and sensitive cargo. As an inert gas medium, nitrogen is the purest, and thereby the preferred solution for applications where cargo contamination could be an issue.

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    Dry inert gas generator

    Vessels carrying liquefied gas need an inerting solution to prevent explosion on sea voyage just before and after dry-docking. This can be achieved by keeping the oxygen level below 1% in the cargo area.

  • Dual Fuel Inert gas generator

    Dual fuel inert gas generator

    The inert gas generator described earlier, can also be designed for dual fuel operation, i.e. marine diesel oil and natural gas.This application is most commonly used on FPSO vessels and other offshore installations where natural gas is available.

  • Flexinert gas generator

    Flexinert is a combination of a flue gas system and an inert gas generator. As long as sufficient boiler flue gas is available, the inert gas generator is by-passed and the system works as a flue gas system. When no basis gas is available, it works as an inert gas generator.

  • Flue gas system

    These systems cool and clean flue gas available from the ship’s boilers and distribute the gas to the cargo tanks, typically during cargo discharge.

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