Dry inert gas generator

Vessels carrying liquefied gas need an inerting solution to prevent explosion on sea voyage just before and after dry-docking. This can be achieved by keeping the oxygen level below 1% in the cargo area.

Safe transportation of dangerous cargo

The Maritime Protection dry inert gas generator for liquefied gas carriers is a new concept based on a proven solution. It is a combination of the traditional inert gas generator based on combustion and a two stage dehumidification system including cooling and adsorption process, where the classical two bed adsorption dryer has been replaced with a compact rotating adsorption dryer. The dew point of the inert gas is lowered to the required specifi cations below minus 45degC with oxygen content less than 1%.

Key features

  • Up to 50% reduction in weight and foot-print compared to conventional systems
  • Continuous regeneration of dryer
  • Modern design for easy installation and maintenance
  • 100% automatic control, no manual adjustments required by operator
  • Dew point below minus 45degC reached 20-40 minutes after start, decreasing to below minus 60-65degC
  • Constant & uniform dew point during operation
  • High grade steel (SST 904) used for the combustion chamber
  • Mechanically simple and reliable centrifugal blowers due to low pressure drop in system
  • MODBUS communication with IAS
  • In dry air mode: no need of IG generator. Only cooler, dryer and dry gas blower in use

Environment: prod

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