Find your rope certificates in an instant

Get quick and easy access to all your rope certificates issued by Wilhelmsen Ships Service.
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Keeping track of certificates is an important task onboard ships. Both internal and external inspections/vettings require the paperwork to be in order. For your convenience, we have created a rope certificate portal that allows you to access and download your rope certificates.

The application Equipment portal (Utstyrsportalen) offers a quick and easy access to rope certificates issued by Wilhelmsen Ships Service, and it also serves as an easily searchable certificate archive. 


How to get a password:

Read all the text before you start. 

  1. Our certificate application is available if you click here.
  2. A new window with log-on to Equipment portal (Utstyrsportalen) will open.
  3. Choose language (Språk:).
  4. Enter your e-mail address when prompted.
  5. An e-mail with password will be sent to you. Log in with this password and change your password thereafter.

Download user manual

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