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Offshore: Safety Products and Services

Through our offer you receive exactly the same products of the same high quality - irrespective of location. We ensure our clients spare parts in all major offshore hubs, and mitigate risk for misuse by cross fleet product standardization.
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Opting for Unitor™ safety products means improved HSE. Strengthened HSE and a predictable cost base are thus some of the benefits we offer through our life saving, personal safety, gas detection, firefighting and life raft exchange offer.

In addition to products, we also offer a range of offshore safety services as well as a due date monitoring system for service and equipment replacement.

Fire Fighting & Gas Detection

The firefighting range covers a variety of firefighting foam concentrates, hoses, couplings, nozzles, powder, CO2 fire extinguishers, powder extinguishers wheeled extinguishers and firefighting suits. We also provide breathing apparatus, escape hoods, air compressors and firefighting suits (MED approved), helmets and boots to support the above mentioned products. In addition, we carry high quality gas detection equipment. This range includes flexible multigas monitors for detection of flammable gases, oxygen and a wide range of toxic gases. The gas detection units Unitor T4 and Gas Pro are both Ex, IECEx and SOLAS approved.

  • Fire extinguishers (CO2/powder)
  • Hoses & nozzles
  • Foams
  • Gas detection units

Life Saving & Personal Safety

Our life saving range provides a variety of immersion suits and life jackets that are all SOLAS approved. The immersion suits all use 7mm neoprene insulation as a standard - giving exceptional protection even in Arctic conditions. For the life jackets, our standard model for offshore comes with a one block design to enhance in water performance. We also offer personal safety equipment such as self-contained breathing apparatus and emergency escape breathing device (EEBD). Both products are MED approved and provide respiratory protection during escape from toxic or oxygen deficient atmospheres. Adding to this we offer a range of protection gear such as chemical suits, splash suits, boots and gloves – perfect for tank inspections and maintenance.

  • Life jackets
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Air compressors
  • Escape hoods 

Life Raft Exchange Service

The Liferaft Rental Exchange (LRE) programme was introduced in 2007 and re-shaped the liferaft industry in the following years. Unitor branded liferafts are rented out for an annual fee. When service is due, the raft is simply exchanged for an equivalent approved liferaft. The different rafts can take up to 50 people and service heights up to 40 meters. All rafts meets the MSC81 (70) requirements and one can opt for davit crane launched rafts or throw over board rafts. The LRE offer gives you low capital outlays and fixed fee invoicing throughout the contract period. The offer supports reduced administration costs and easier budgeting. We also provide automatic notification when life raft servicing is due. At this point the life rafts are handed over to one of our 42 specialist liferaft stations and 153 dedicated Liferaft Engineers. we have the experience, servicing over 26.000 life raft exchanges annually. We guarantee no surprises, no hassle and always compliant equipment through our Life Raft Rental and Exchange Programme.

  • Unitor branded liferafts
  • Simple rental exchanged model
  • Fixed fees – no surprises
  • Compliance

Safety Service

We offer a range of safety services for systems and equipment such as CO2 systems, foam systems, inert/chemical gas systems, portable fire extinguisher equipment, breathing apparatus equipment, escape set equipment and immersion suits. We also offer certified specialist flying squads. Overall, we have more than 4,500 marine and offshore professionals at your service, global exchange locations to choose from and 220 trained fire, rescue and service technicians to support your operations.

  • CO2 systems & foam systems & hoses
  • Fire extinguisher & breathing apparatus
  • Immersion suits & safety equipment
  • Specialist flying squads services
  • Inert & chemical gas systems

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