Marine products

Behind our extensive portfolio of Unitor™, Timm™ and Nalfleet™ branded solutions, you will find more than 100 years of marine history and expertise.

Manufactured to the very highest standards and designed to work within the toughest marine conditions, our standardised product range offers consistent, dependable documented performance, time and time again.

Industry Perspectives

  • CargoHoldCleaning_IMG_3201_16-9

    Proper cargo hold cleaning procedures mean good risk management

    What is the most important part of a bulk carrier? The bridge perhaps or maybe the engine room? In truth, it is cargo holds that are the key to the ship’s profitability.

    Written by Jan Fredrik Bjorge , Product Marketing Manager Cleaning Solution

  • WW-4923

    Prepare for a low GWP future

    New F-gas regulation was introduced in the EU - January 2015. All vessels today have requirements for refrigeration on-board. The following paper states how, and what will be restricted.

    Written by Svenn Jacobsen , Technical Product Manager Refrigrants and Refrigeration

Featured Offers

  • steam valves

    Nalfleet™ Aquaguard

    Introducing Nalfleet™ Aquaguard's chemical dosing and control system for engine cooling waters and marine boilers.

  • Tank Cleaning - Man Climbing In

    Standardised tank cleaning solution available worldwide

    While the variety of cargos is as wide as ever, the standards of tank cleanliness demanded are consistently increasing. It is why we’ve now structured our network to include fifteen dedicated tank cleaning ports in key locations worldwide.

  • heat exchange coil close up (1)

    Fuelpower Soot Remover Liquid Plus

    Newly formulated Unitor™ FuelPower Soot Remover Liquid Plus increases the cleaning / maintenance interval for your exhaust gas economizer / boiler from every 3 months to 12 – 15 months.

Our Solutions

  • WaterSolutions_16-9

    Water Solutions

    Nalfleet™ water treatment products to treat and protect your on board systems.

  • Cleaning


    Unitor™ chemicals and equipment to cover the essential cleaning needs of all parts of your vessel.

  • Cylinders_F1000034_16-9

    Gas & Cylinders

    In our Unitor™ cylinder exchange program, benefit from retrieving and returning cylinders at your convenience in more than 200 ports.

  • refrigeration abstract


    Unicool range of refrigerants are quality assured and comes with Low ODP and GWP to ensure compliance to rules and regulations.

  • DieselOil_328811051_16-9

    Oil Solutions

    Unitor™ fuel treatment chemicals to improve your fuel quality and reduce sludge and emissions.

  • Ropes Cover Picture


    Our Timm™ ropes are the result of continuous development and craftsmanship since 1772.

  • Welding_246479122_16-9

    Welding & Surface Preparation

    Unitor™ equipment to optimise maintenance and performance of your vessel

  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    Unitor™ oil spill kits and other damage control solutions are designed to be deployed easily and effectively in the event of minor oil spills.

Sector Focus

  • Offshore Cover Picture - 169

    Offshore Solutions

    Improving operational efficiency and HSE on more than 1/3 of the world’s offshore rig fleet through services and product supply of quality brands such as Unitor™ and Nalfleet™.

  • cruise ship on sea


    Optimize efficiency without compromise - our solutions enable you to stay compliant with regulations, keep your passengers safe and comfortable.

Vessel Packages

  • NewBuilding_87192643_16-9

    New Builds: Initial Supplies

    Solutions for a lifetime – a complete spectrum of agency services, fire, rescue and safety solutions, treatment packages protecting your assets, cleaning solutions as well as repair and maintenance products, all made accessible through a single point of contact.

  • DryDocking_208877044_16-9

    Dry Docking

    Predictable and hassle free solution for dry dockings - we deliver agency, safety services and products as one dry docking solution. Our aim? To ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimising unexpected cost.

Need advice?

With offices in 75 countries supporting our non-stop operations in 2 200 port locations across the globe, you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and industry expertise to find the best solution to cater for your needs.

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