Accelerating employee development

We believe empowered employees in an innovative, learning organisation are our main competitive advantage in meeting the needs and wants of our customers.
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WW Academy is the group’s learning institution and provides training and leadership development opportunities to employees all over the world through classroom and online courses.

WW Academy programs are based on 3 learning principles:

  • Learning shall be engaging, interactive and fun
  • Adults learn best when practise what they learned
  • Networking creates business opportunities

In addition to WW Academy programs, there are plenty of learning opportunities within the different business areas of the Wilhelmsen group.

You can count on experiencing on-the-job challenges and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

WW Academy Programs


Leadership advanced programme focuses on how to balance running the business, while at the same time leading for the future long-term growth of Wilhelmsen group.

Management skills development programme focuses on how to manage and lead people in the Wilhelmsen group with an emphasis on individual self-awareness and insight. 

New as a manager programme focuses on individual effectiveness as a manager and how managers can help their employees to improve their performance.

Project management programme focuses on how to run projects in the Wilhelmsen group and how to improve efficiency in projects.

Maritime industry programme navigates you through the entire maritime value chain and the core business drivers in our industry.

Training trainers programme focuses on how to create and deliver great learning experiences.




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