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Right to play  is an international humanitarian organisation run by sports people, which works with children and youngsters in the world’s most disadvantaged regions.
It activates 500 000 children every day through 40 projects spread over 20 countries.

WW backs humanitarian work for children 

09.09.2005 (WW )
The Wilh. Wilhelmsen maritime group has concluded a cooperation agreement with the international humanitarian Right To Play organisation.
Through its support for this body, which is headed by Norwegian Olympic speed skating star Johann Olav Koss, the group will be helping to give disadvantaged children a better future.
Wilh. Wilhelmsen is the first international Norwegian company to agree a formal collaboration with Right To Play, which uses sport and play as an arena for development and peace.
“We’re a global enterprise, so it’s natural for us to show that we care in different parts of the world,” says Wilh. Wilhelmsen chief executive Ingar Skaug.
“Like Right To Play, we believe that people who are supported and motivated can develop into a good resource.”
The cooperation agreement has been concluded through the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation, which is contributing CAD 400 000 to the humanitarian organisation over a two-year period.
“I’m very grateful that such a significant international player is involving itself in our activities,” says Mr Koss, who serves as the international president of Right To Play.
“We’re looking forward to developing new projects through Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s international network and knowledge.”