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New garage project - rebuilding of Mark I vessels 

24.10.2003 (WW )
Mark I KS has entered into a contract with the Chinese shipyard Chengxi Shipyard to rebuild five older ro-ro vessels.

Mark I KS is a joint venture in which Wilh. Wilhelmsen and Wallenius Lines, Stockholm each hold 50 per cent of the interests. The vessels to be rebuilt are Tapiola, Toba, Tourcoing, Talabot and Tampere.

Each vessel will get garage facilities installed on the main deck which will have a car carrying capacity of 1,800 units. The reconstruction work will take place during the period January - May 2004 and will take 45 - 50 days for each vessel at a cost of approx. USD 4.6 million per vessel. After the recontruction, the vessels will operate in The Far East - Middle East trade.