Values and ethics 

Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA's (WWH) corporate culture is based on core values and ethical guidelines which apply to all employees.

The WW group pays constant attention to ethics and business morals in all its operations worldwide. The group’s companies and employees must comply at all times with national and international regulations. Corruption and unethical behaviour are unacceptable and will have consequences.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen - shaping the maritime industry.

WW group's philosophy:
We believe that empowered employees in an innovative, learning organisation are our main competitive advantage in meeting the needs and wants of its customers.

WW group's values:
1. Customer-centred
We place our customers in the centre and are concerned with their needs, so that we can deliver optimal solutions which are mutually beneficial at all times.

2. Empowerment
We have the ability to involve our employees in their daily work. That motivates, inspires and generates energy. Our personnel will participate with knowledge, ideas and opportunities, and attention will be given to their contribution.

3. Learning and innovation
When society changes, so must we. New customer expectations, new solutions and not least constant technological progress mean that we must create a learning organisation. Only then can we renew ourselves, see opportunities and find new creative solutions.

4. Stewardship
We will manage our resources in an optimum way, and take account of the safety of our employees while showing respect for society and the environment.

5. Teaming and collaboration
Our most important competitive advantage is our qualified personnel, with their broad expertise. When our employees collaborate to get the best out of each other in pursuing a common goal, we can utilise their whole potential and all their knowledge.