WW's vision and philosophy 



Shaping the maritime industry
We are shaping the maritime industry: Our revised corporate vision reflects clearly how we see our role in the industry. Shaping means being a pioneer. It means willingness to lead. It means maximising every opportunity to innovate and meet the ever-changing needs and expectations from our stakeholders. It involves risk to go where others have not been. It means accessing and freeing up the creative potential in each of our thousands of employees. People, who are willing to step up, contribute and take responsibility – people who want to be shapers.

Our vision is an expression of our desire to be top in expertise, best in operations and best in the marine environment.

With nearly 150 years of experience, we have embarked on a new and exciting chapter of our journey.

We believe that empowered employees in an innovative, learning organisation are the group’s main competitive advantage in meeting the needs and wants of our customers.