Career development 

"We believe empowered employees in an innovative, learning organisation are our main competitive advantage in meeting the needs and wants of our customers"

The statement above is WW group’s basic philosophy, and it shows the strong belief we have in our employees. This is why we invest a lot of time and money in developing our staff and building a company culture we are proud of.

WW Academy: Focus on competence
WW Academy is the group’s learning institution and provides programmes for leadership development, in addition to a broad range of specific training programmes. Every year more than 400 employees participate in various learning programmes held by the Academy. Participants learn new things in a fun and highly interactive way, and all programmes are tailor made to support the WW group's vision and values.

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On the job-learning, coaching and mentoring
In addition to corporate development possibilities there are plenty of different learning opportunities within the different companies and business areas of the WW group. With a vision aiming at shaping the maritime industry we can promise you plenty of exciting on-the-job challenges and opportunities to help you reach your full potential and grow together with the WW group.