Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation's opera and ballet prize

The Opera and Ballet award was established in 2009, and is awarded annually by the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation.
Published: (Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA)

The award is for the professional development for persons related to opera or ballet in Norway, and who have made an outstanding artistic or administrative achievement.

2015 winner

Jury decision
Ingeborg is one of the most promising and talented young singers Norway has today. She is recognised for her beautiful voice and ability to express her roles.

Those who have worked with Ingeborg, have experienced her impressive development the latest years, saying that it was not difficult to recognise her talent. Her voices natural beauty is obvious to anyone who listens to her. We know that this is only the beginning, and her personal attributes; hard working and fearlessness are a part of her success.

About Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation

Established in 1965, the foundation is a private and independently run organization. Its purpose is to support the community through the distribution of gifts or contributions to institutions, groups or individuals within science, humanitarian or culture. The foundation's contributions hope to provide for performers and encourage gifted youth or others to continue training, study or research.

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