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Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions is a global provider of cost efficient, fully engineered solutions, equipment and services. Products cover fire suppression and prevention, loose equipment and services.

At locations in Asia, Americas and Europe our technical sales teams, localised engineering teams, highly trained commissioning and service engineers have in-depth experience with our products and services to assist your local needs.

Unitor fire saftey systems

Maritime Protection inert gas systems

Our inert gas systems

  • IGG generator grey

    Inert gas generator solutions

    Vessels carrying cargos that produce hydrocarbon vapors require an inerting solution to eliminate the risk of explosions and fires in the cargo tanks. This can be achieved by keeping the oxygen content below 8%,a standard set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

  • product6_large

    Nitrogen system

    The system is designed to protect transportation of flammable and sensitive cargo. As an inert gas medium, nitrogen is the purest, and thereby the preferred solution for applications where cargo contamination could be an issue.

  • Digg system illustration

    Dry inert gas generator

    Vessels carrying liquefied gas need an inerting solution to prevent explosion on sea voyage just before and after dry-docking. This can be achieved by keeping the oxygen level below 1% in the cargo area.

  • Dual Fuel Inert gas generator

    Dual fuel inert gas generator

    The inert gas generator described earlier, can also be designed for dual fuel operation, i.e. marine diesel oil and natural gas.This application is most commonly used on FPSO vessels and other offshore installations where natural gas is available.

  • Flexinert gas generator

    Flexinert is a combination of a flue gas system and an inert gas generator. As long as sufficient boiler flue gas is available, the inert gas generator is by-passed and the system works as a flue gas system. When no basis gas is available, it works as an inert gas generator.

  • Flue gas system

    These systems cool and clean flue gas available from the ship’s boilers and distribute the gas to the cargo tanks, typically during cargo discharge.

Our fire suppression systems

  • Water mist

    XFlow water mist system

    The Unitor XFlow® water mist system gives you the opportunity to integrate local and full fire protection in a single system. The solution can be applied as a total flooding system, local application fire fighting system and for accommodation areas.

  • unitor-1230-nozzles

    1230 clean agent system

    The Unitor 1230 system has been industralised and adjusted for the offshore and maritime industry based on the Novec 1230 system. It is designed as a total flooding system for machinery spaces, pump rooms, compressor rooms and control rooms. The solution is particulary suited for rooms with sensitive equipment and vessels where space is limited.

  • inergen-on-board_tinejaeren1600x900

    Inergen system

    The Unitor Inergen® system is a fire extinguishing solution for enclosed spaces. Inergen® is a clean agent consisting of only atmospheric gases and can be applied on merchant marine and offshore structures.

  • co2bottles1600x900

    CO₂ system

    The Unitor CO2 system is a total flooding system designed to suppress fires in machinery spaces of Category A, engine rooms, pump rooms and cargo holds. It has been supplied to hundreds of vessels and offshore installations worldwide.

  • high-foam-man-in-foam1600x900

    Fixed high expansion foam system

    The Unitor high expansion foam fire extinguishing system (Unitor high foam system) uses foam consisting of a synthetic foam concentrate, water and air, which is highly effective for machinery space applications. The system is designed as total flooding system for machinery spaces of Category A, cargo pump rooms and other enclosed spaces onboard vessels and offshore installations.

  • deckfoam-demo-1600x900

    Deck foam system

    The Unitor Low Expansion Foam fire extinguishing system (Unitor Low Foam system) uses a non-toxic foam concentrate, water and air to effectively extinguish fires in open spaces. The system provides safe and effective protection, and is harmless to the crew and environment.

  • dcp-hose-station1600x900

    Dry chemical powder system

    The Unitor dry chemical powder fire extinguishing system (Unitor DCP system) is designed for use on “B” and “C” class fires. The system uses dry powder which breaks down the chemical reaction within the fire and subsequently suppresses the flames almost immediately.

  • water-monitor-and-man1600x900

    Mobile water monitor and water mist lance

    The Unitor XFlow® mobile water monitor and water mist lance are designed to protect ships carrying containers on or above weather deck.

  • wet-pipe-and-deeluge-cover1600x900

    Wet pipe and deluge systems

    The Unitor XFlow® wet pipe system is designed to protect enclosed ro-ro spaces and special category spaces against fires. The Unitor XFlow® deluge system is developed for protection of small open ended and closed ro-ro and special category spaces.

  • Deep fat fryer with man1600x900

    Deep Fat Cooking system

    The Unitor Deep Fat Cooking fire extinguishing system is designed for galley’s deep fat fryers onboard ships and offshore installations.

  • gas weld

    Acetylen - Oxygen Central

    The Unitor gas distribution central for acetylene and oxygen is the most safe solution for gas velding and cutting omboard a ship or in an offshore installation.

  • Detection

    Based on standard components the systems are customised for your specific project and delivered with comprehensive design documentation.

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