Water testing is an essential shipboard activity that should be performed on a regular basis.

Waterproof is software developed to enable the crew onboard the vessels to electronically store the results from the water tests done on the vessels boiler and cooling water.

When entering the test results the user immediately gets notified if the results are within the set limits or if corrective actions are needed. The test results can be sent to Wilhelmsen Ships Service for review if desired; this is done via the Internet or e-mail. A report from our water treatment experts will be returned within days after the defined test period is closed.

Waterproof software is:

  • Easy to install, no administrative rights are required
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Only takes a few minutes if results are entered on a regular basis
  • Reports can easily be generated and printed when needed
  • Designed so that the onboard test results can easily be sent out to our water treatment experts for review and comments

Install today - and make your data Waterproof.

In order to accessing the Waterproof Client Software and Waterproof Customer Portal, please contact your local WSS representative.